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Introducing “Shadow Yoga” School of Hatha Yoga with Michal Nahum

What makes you feel closer to yourself? When do you feel more peaceful, clear and calm?

That's right, we all have our own ways to connect to these sensations or a states of being. 

I'd like to introduce to you the “Shadow Yoga” inspired yoga practice 

We'll learn a warm up sequence that is simple but important in the preparation for the more complicated and demanding postures as well as a great start for the day. 

We'll move through a flowing sequence based on the “Balakrama” (1st prelude – stepping into strength) and on “Chaya Yoddha Sancalanam” (2nd prelude - Churning of the Shadow Warrior).

Briefly, Shadow Yoga is a Hatha Yoga style of practice introduced by Shandor Ramate. He was inspired by ancient texts and various martial arts techniques and created three preludes. According to Emma Balhaves (Director and teacher) These preludes  should prepare the beginner for a safe and unimposed journey on the path of yoga.  They use linear and circular poses or movements in a flowing sequence, aiming to move the breath through the body without obstruction'.