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Creative Vinyasa Flow with Pranayama | Wed. 18h30 - 20h00 Start: June 5th

In a fluent creative Flow accompanied by music, movement and breath are synchronized, allowing us to create more space mentally and physically, balancing the body and mind. Afterwards we come into stillness with Pranayama (breathing exercises) and bring our senses from outside to within «withdrawal of the senses» (Pratyahara).

With Savasana we give our body and mind space to process all the information that has been received during Yoga. The entire nervous system will be balanced and takes the body into a sattvic (balanced) state.

The class includes 60 min. Vinyasa Flow and 30 min. Pranayama/Meditation/Savasana.

The combination of Asanas followed by Pranayama reduces stress and helps us to deeply relax for a better nights sleep.