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Yogalovers III May 26th 17h15

Claudia Geux & Olive Ssembuze invite you to their 3rd “Yogalovers” session

This is a two hour Sunday afternoon yoga class that includes chanting, moving, exploring, laughing and living. It’s a safe space, to encourage each other to try new things or movements, that we wouldn’t practice at home, alone.

Oftentimes it’s easier to learn new things in a group and with others. It builds trust responsibility and stimulates curiosity.

All levels are encouraged to join.

When: 26 May 2019

Where: Yogalives”enjoy the flow”

Time: 5:15 - 7:15PM

This WS can be booked with:

Yogalives class cards 90 Min. + CHF 20.00

Yogalives class cards 60 Min. + CHF 30.00

Extern: CHF 55.00