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Menopause Workshop Januar 12th 2019

By Katja Aqraou, Medical Doctor & 500hr Yoga Teacher

In school we learn about puberty, how to avoid pregnancies and STD’s. We are guided through pregnancies, child birth & raising kids by our family, doctor and midwife. 

But who teaches us about Menopause? 

Our friends are usually the same age as us and our mothers might not be there, be too shy or have forgotten about that part of life. And society as whole treats Menopause as a taboo, ignoring the changes.  

Up to 10 years before Menopause, women can experience symptoms, such as hot flashes, mood swings etc. without knowing the cause as their periods are still regular. 

In 2013 I quit my day job as a Family Doctor and moved to Switzerland to pursue me dream of being a Yoga Teacher. During the workshop I use my medical knowledge and combine it with my wisdom as a yoga teacher, insuring that you leave feeling informed and enlightened about what changes to expect. I want you to understand, embrace and be prepared, so you can go though this change feeling good about yourself.

The Workshop is a 75 min interactive talk followed by a 75 min yoga class focused on what we have just learned.

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Cost: CHF 80.00