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ROCKY HERON |Floss and Release WED. OCT. 2nd


Rocky Heron is an internationally acclaimed yoga educator and musician. Known for his uncanny wisdom and in-depth understanding of yoga anatomy and alignment, Rocky’s teaching is informed by years of study in nearly every yoga style and a diverse background of movement modalities. He discovered yoga in the summer of 2004, and began his path of teaching in 2007. Considered in the yoga industry a “teachers teacher,” Rocky works worldwide facilitating trainings and continuing education for dedicated teachers. He is a contributor to the The Mazé Method curriculum and works closely with founder Noah Maze as a faculty member of the school. You can take Rocky’s classes online here on as well as on Yoga International’s online class platform and Students steep themselves in Rocky’s teaching for his intelligence, humor, and innovative approach to movement, as well as his ability to make complex concepts and abilities accessible. Join him and see for yourself.

Do you desire a more confident, stable and liberated experience in your body while backbending? It may not be facilitated in the ways you've come to expect. In this session we will explore innovative drills to mobilize and activate your shoulder girdle, spine and hips. Class will begin with subtle, yet powerful somatic movement exploration to awaken your nervous system and groove new pathways of movement throughout your body, followed by powerful conditioning drills to enliven the levers and pulleys needed empower you backbend practice. We know it's a good idea to floss our teeth, but what about flossing our hips and shoulders to gain greater access to the fluidity of our spine? A clever use of props in familiar poses will help us access those hard to reach places that may be hindering our success. Class will culminate in a series of intermediate backbends, making use of the freedom and strength cultivated through this rich and effective series of diverse mobility techniques. Open to all levels.

CHF 65.00