Vinyasa means the unity of breath and movement. In this yoga practice the asanas (individual postures) are linked together into a flowing movement – similar to a dance. Vinyasa yoga stems from Ashtanga Yoga – the Yoga of the Eight Limbs. It is a powerful practice that develops heat in the body and furthers stamina.  Vinyasa classes can create different emphasis: alignment of the body in the asanas, creating space within and out.



Surya Namaskar

The Sunrise Salutation (also Sun Prayer) is found in many Yoga styles as an indispensable component of practice and during the course of the time numerous variations have developed. This exercise series connected with certain breathing sequences and forward and back bends, produces a sensation in our body of the heat, energy and vitality of the sun. The sun is the originally female symbol in nature, which creates, sustains and also destroys life.

After a cleanseing breath exercise and a short Pavanmuktasana sequence we practice as the heart of this lesson the Sun Salutation, in order to start the day with strength and confidence.



restorative Yoga

This is a deep, powerful practice and re-conditions, as well as heals small injuries in the body. This practice helps to relax the muscles deeply and even gets to the deep layer of the fascias. This class is suited for every level, since we are working with blocks, blankets, bolsters, belts etc. Restorative Yoga is like a massage for the body through yoga asanas and a wonderful way to relax and unwind. Soothing music is part of this class.




Ana Forrest is an internationally regonized pioneer in Yoga and emotional healing. It was created by Ana while working through her own healing from her life's trauma and experience. Over the years and with thousands of licensed practicioners, Forrest Yoga is renowed as an intensely physical and focused practice that emphasizes how to carry a transformative experience off the mat and into daily life.



The workload in life increases daily. In order to perform our tasks correctly, we work more hours and neglect our personal needs, which can lead to decreased energy and even to illness. In order to remain productive and healthy, we need a compensation, for example by means of Yoga. 

To support this we can suggest offering your employees a yoga class one or two times a week. This permits employees to see themselves and experience others with a new perspective and increases the potential to be successful in each individual. 

We will gladly arrange an individual offer for you.


Private lessons

Private lessons are suitable for beginners as also for those students interested in progressing with their exsiting knowledge. 

For beginners it is important to learn the exercises from the outset correctly in order to prevent possible injuries. 

For more experienced students it offers the possibility of deepening their knowledge of more advanced postures. 

Also suitable for pairs and small groups




Groupe prizes on request
20% reduction for students and seniors

All class cards except the 6/12 months, are valid for the period of 5 months.
In case of illness or pregnancy, the class cards will be extented with doctors note!

Yogalives will need a doctors attest.